We're well known for our chutneys and boast the nation's favourite - Geeta's Premium Mango Chutney. With plenty of flavours to choose from, each inspired by a family recipe, there's something for everyone in our flagship range.

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Roti Flatbreads

Snack time, lunchtime and
dinners are about to get a whole lot more exciting with Geeta’s versatile and exciting flavoured soft and wrappable roti flatbreads.

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Add a little spice to your life with the real flavours of India in our classic range of pickles. A spoonful of any of these with your curry, in a sandwich or with cold meats and cheeses, will add the pep you just might be missing!

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These new flavourful sauces have been designed to champion the infinite versatility of the real flavours of India, bringing people together through food.

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Curry Pastes

For those who like to cook from scratch but don’t always have all the spices to hand, these curry pastes are the next best thing to grinding your own!

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Variety Packs & Collections

Discover the Real Flavour of India with our bundles containing our most popular products and flavours.

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